Titipan : Checking Concept and Welcoming 2015 Toyota Fortuner

13 Sep

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toyota-fortuner-new-design-20152015 Toyota Fortuner is being prepared to hit the market soon enough. The brand new SUV is attracting attention of a lot of people who do love SUV. This SUV from Toyota is known to be the best selling SUV in Thailand. Fortuner is known as one of three cars in IMV project. Fortuner is also known as Toyota SW4. The car series was first introduced in the year 2005. No, the latest version of the car is about to be released in the tenth after the first introduction. An SUV is always been one of the popular cars especially for people with families.

Originally, the first Toyota Fortuner was designed by the engineers or Thailand and Japan. The production itself was mainly in Thailand although that now, there are several manufacturers in several countries producing the same series. For the year 2015, Toyota has prepared several new models. Amongst them, there is 2015 Toyota Fortuner. This car is described as the dazzling new car by some people who have seen the concept photos of the car. It is natural that some people are itching to get their hands on the car once the release date comes soon and there is nothing wrong with peeking on the concept and possible technology in the car.

The Concept of 2015 Toyota Fortuner

Let’s start with the exterior of the car. As mentioned above, the car looks dazzling and that is one thing for sure about its exterior.2015 Toyota Fortuner received facelift and redesign. This step alone has created a really better looking SUV from its predecessor. At a glance, there are several obvious points of the exterior that look changed. The corners of the car body as well as the brand new bumpers are supporting the more elegant and sporty look for the brand new Fortuner SUV.
Aside of the changes seen from the outside, the brand new 2015 Toyota Fortuner will also have several changes to be seen from the inside. The cabin interior also anticipated for the completely new design. From the concept photos, the floor will be covered with black carpet. The seats inside will also be made with all new materials possibly leather with color combination of black and red. The space between the front and rear row seems to be a wider and the level of roof is increased. All improvements are made for the better and comfortable ride.

Talking about the concept of 2015 Toyota Fortuner, there is nothing wrong with taking a peek to the engine under the hood. A lot of people are certainly curious with it. What will be offered in the brand new Fortuner? Toyota prepares three options for engine. The basic model will be equipped with 3.0L engine capable of producing 163hp. The second one will have 160hp delivered by 2.7L engine and the third options will have 140hp produced by 2.5L engine. Meanwhile, the VN Turbo of Fortuner might have the engine of 2.7L DOHC 16 valve VVt-I. Both automated and manual transmissions can be chosen.
Good engine system and good interior are definitely good to be heard. But when it comes to modern cars, many people ask for more features and technologies. What can be offered by 2015 Toyota Fortuner? Don’t be too worry because Toyota understands that people need better and better features including the better features for safety and entertainment for drivers and passengers. Improvements in safety is without a doubt considering that one of strongest points of Fortuner will be the safety followed by the comfort felt during a ride.

The entertainment features are not being left behind. The brand new 2015 Toyota Fortuner will have very much the standard entertainment features. But these will still be great technologies to entertain the boring time of a trip. There will be the good and nice Bluetooth connectivity. It might as well be able to connect iPod and might be equipped with the good touch screen for the entertainment system. There are a lot other possible features that can be included in one car. All of them are available depending on the demand of people who want to purchase the car


Marketing and Prospect of 2015 Toyota Fortuner

The new 2015 Toyota Fortuner is coming soon. How the market reacts to this news? Actually, there are quite a lot of people who feel excited because of the news. There have been some people who declare that they will definitely get the car once it came out. It is not without a reason because Fortuner is considered to be one of the best SUVs. It is a brilliant car for family. Therefore, the prospect of this car is really good and will be a very tough competitor for several other SUVs from different manufacturers that due to be released soon.

What about the price and also release date? Of course, this is also an important thing to be known. The problems right now is no release date or even final price being mentioned officially. So, the official staff of 2015 Toyota Fortuner has not yet come to the price list expected for this gorgeous SUV. There is no fixed release date either. Right now, there are just speculations and also rumors floating around. According to them, the car will be released in the last quarter of the year 2014 but some also think that it might be released in the first quarter next year.

Toyota Fortuner is a worthy car to be purchased because it has always been road oriented that evolve alongside technologies to help drivers and passengers. It has brilliant engine system and also great mileage system. There is no wonder that the car is considered being one of the best SUVs. Right now, the final price and release date for 2015 Toyota Fortuner is still unknown. But soon, they will be known. Check to get the latest information and also reviews for the latest cars ready to be purchased in the market of automotive.



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